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Drum storage method

Clean regularly
When the toner cartridge is used for a period of time, it will be more or less polluted. We find that the output text, images are blurred, the bottom ash is heavier and the glyph is longer, so it needs cleaning the drum.
Cleaning waste powder
To add the powder of the user, after a period of use, the waste powder collecting bin will accumulate waste powder, if not timely clear light will affect the print effect, serious will cause the powder leakage phenomenon.
Don’t overload the toner cartridge
Any one thing has its work load, but the drum is an organic silicon photoconductor, there is also “work fatigue” problem. If long continuous use, light will affect the printing output, and then declared a strike, so the user should remember to give the drum properly a rest period

Toner cartridge replacement method

The first step, the first to shut down the device’s power out of toner, and then use the metal pin on one side of the pliers, carefully pull out force, or directly to the pin nails, open the toner taken out, under normal circumstances, then we can find the cartridge can be divided into two parts, with the magnetic roller is for powder parts. A photosensitive of selenium is a waste powder collecting part.
Then look at the powder supply part, the screw rotating magnetic roller without gear side, open the plastic cover, then the toner chamber and the magnetic roller toner with a soft brush to clean up all. Then, the magnetic roller re installed, press hard to prevent the magnetic roller from the original position. At this time you can install toner, shake the carbon powder, slowly into the powder warehouse, the good components of the magnetic roller fixed, and finally should gently rotate the magnetic roller at one end of the gear number circle, in order to facilitate the uniform carbon powder attached.
Finally, in the collection section, because of the need to replace the new drum. Therefore, we use the same method to allocate fixed pin, remove the photosensitive drum, waste powder and then waste powder collecting part of the clean, should pay attention to as clean as possible, so as not to affect the print quality of the new drum, then you can install a new photosensitive drum

How to buy toner cartridges?

Rough packing
The original cartridge is printed with excellent quality and bright colors. The printing quality of counterfeit products is rough, the image is fuzzy, the color is gray, and there are traces of imitation on the packaging. Some of them are inconsistent with both inside and outside.
Scrutinize connection
The use of the old original drum self filling drum sales will be posing as new action on the joints, blue signs or screw layer if the “punch” (that is, the black layer heat treatment) were destroyed, is likely to return goods.
Scanning surface
The drum core of the selenium drum with self filling powder has a rough surface and obvious scratches, and the amount of scratches is proportional to the frequency of use of the toner cartridge, and the original drum is impossible to have any scratches.
Field test
New original cartridge, print out the image, the text is not only delicate, clear, and the original drum drum drum powder adhesion is particularly good, printed on the paper to see, there is a prominent sense of paper.

Toner cartridge operating principle

The carbon in the toner cartridge is the key to imaging in the printing process, so what makes the carbon powder eventually form documentation on the page? First of all we need to know what is called latent image. A cartridge is a cylinder coated with organic material (selenium, a rare element) on the surface, which carries a charge in advance. When the light is irradiated, the part of the irradiated object will react with resistance. The data signal sent to the control of the laser emission, scanning changes continuously in the cartridge surface light, this will have some local irradiation resistance decreases, the charge disappeared, but also in some places is not light, still retains the charge, finally, the surface of the toner cartridge is formed consisting of the charge of the latent image.
The cartridge in carbon powder is a kind of charged fine resin particles, carbon powder and toner charge on the surface charge of opposite polarity when the toner cartridge with surface charge after coating roller, charge parts on the adsorption of toner particles, so the latent image becomes a real image.

Drum type

1, one drum
A photoconductive drum (drum), a drum (developing roller) and toner cartridge as one cartridge. In principle, the toner cartridge does not allow users to add toner, but as the technology updates, the toner cartridge can also be added toner.
2, two body toner cartridges
A toner cartridge for two separate parts: one part to another part of the photosensitive drum, drum and toner cartridge. The user only needs to replace the run out of toner, drum and toner cartridge, without changing the photosensitive drum.
3 and three body drum
A toner cartridge for three separate parts: the photosensitive drum, a drum, a toner cartridge. When the user runs out of toner, just replace the toner cartridge. Some manufacturers call it “drum powder separation technology”

The difference between cartridge and ink cartridge

Drum: also called photosensitive drum, the basic base material made of aluminum, and the photosensitive material coated on the base material. The toner cartridge not only determines the quality of the print, but also determines how much money the user needs to spend in the process of using it. In laser printers, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the cartridge, and the quality of the print is in fact largely determined by the toner cartridge. So the toner cartridge is the most critical part of the laser printer.
Cartridge: a cartridge used primarily in an inkjet printer to store, print, and ultimately print. Its internal storage as ink, as its name suggests, is a liquid substance. The study tools for people to fill the ink in ancient times. From the current market structure of the ink cartridge structure, in general, can be divided into: split ink cartridges and integrated ink cartridge. It is important to note that the cartridges are of considerable importance to the inkjet printer, especially some low-end printers, which have already reached the price of 2 boxes of ink, =1, and printer. Therefore, when buying a printer, the ink cartridge must be considered

What is the function of selenium drum?

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